ProExtender vs. Penis Surgery

A lot of men would like to make their penis larger. One way to do this is through surgery. But there are other options which can result in permanent penis enlargement.

You can use something called a penis extender. One of the most popular penis extenders is called ProExtender. It gently pulls on your penis and gradually stretches it out.

Wearing the ProExtender device is not that uncomfortable if you have it set correctly. I believe this is the best option for penis enlargement.


If wearing a device strapped to your penis for months on end doesn’t appeal to you, then the only other option you have is penis enlargement surgery. I went through this process a couple of years ago but it proved too embarrassing.

A couple of years ago, I received an unexpected cash windfall. The amount of money in question was not enough to buy a new car or a sailboat, but it was more than enough to buy myself a nice little present, such as a vintage Gibson Les Paul guitar or a trip to Sicily.

However, after considering various options, I finally decided that what I’d really like was penis enlargement. Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: I am not suggesting that I thought about buying myself a penis extension because I needed a penis extension. Indeed, God blessed me with what’s known in the trade as serious wood.

No, the only reason I considered buying myself a penis extension was pure vanity: the delicious idea of having 2 to 3 more inches of protuberant manhood than the average American male. In this sense, I was like the guy who wanted to pull into the country-club parking lot in a spiffy new Jaguar while everyone else drove an aging Alfa-Romeo. It had nothing to do with the quest for better performance or additional mileage. It was an about showing off.

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Entranced by the idea of becoming the cock of the walk, I set about investigating the somewhat shadowy world of penis enlargement. At first I considered using a penis extender such as ProExtender, but didn’t fancy the idea of wearing something under my clothes all day.

So I started clipping ads for penis enlargement specialists from the local tabloids and major men’s magazines, then set up a couple of appointments.

Let me say here that in all my dealings with the major metropolitan penis enhancement specialists, I was treated with tact, courtesy and an edifying degree of professionalism. Nevertheless, my attempts to augment my penis size inadvertently resulted in several embarrassing experiences.

I mention this because of an unsettling encounter I had with the security guard in the lobby of the building where I scheduled my first penis enlargement consultation. Ideally, I would have reported to the doctor’s office without divulging the reason for my visit to anyone else.

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But somehow, when I arrived at the building where the surgeon has his offices, I realized that I’d written down the wrong address. Foolishly, I asked a wizened security guard if he knew where the office of Dr. Mann was located.

“What’s the name?” he asked.

“Dr. Richard Mann,” I replied, but no sooner were the words out of my mouth than I realized my colossal mistake.

“Ninth floor,” he said, condescendingly, then turned away. I felt humiliated. He knew. His partner knew. The hardworking guy at the newsstand knew. To their minds, they were all packing 38-ounce Louisville sluggers. I was skulking around with one of those sad little bats from the Pony League.

I suddenly realized that one of the great benefits about using the ProExtender device is that it is entirely private. No one has to know.

You simply order ProExtender from the official website and it’s delivered to you in an unmarked box.

It might be a bit difficult to use at first, but you get used to wearing the ProExtender device under your pants. It’s not that bad.

You can even start to see results after a couple of weeks, which is very encouraging.

The bottom line is this: I recommend using the ProExtender penis extender over penis enlargement surgery for most men.

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