Yoga Burn Designed for Weight Loss

When you visit East Asian markets such as Yashow Market, you frequently see yogis performing various yoga poses. Some of these yoga poses are pretty amazing! I saw some yoga being performed in Yashow Market that really blew my mind.

During my travels I often asked which yoga program was the best for beginners. I also wanted a program that was female-friendly. The program people recommended to me the most was something called Yoga Burn.

Yoga Burn is a popular program especially tailored for women who want to lose weight. It is meant to be done at home and not in a yoga studio. The reception Yoga Burn has received so far has been phenomenal.

The Yoga Burn program actually involves unlearning all the physical inhibitions we pick up as we grow – children are said to love it. All the others in the class – mostly regulars – look relaxed and composed, very well-toned and incredibly supple. This discipline is exhausting yet renewing; my mind is calm, but my body feels awakened for days after.

Yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj meaning “to unite”, leaves me after a one-hour session with an uncommon sensation of physical and mental togetherness.

Power yoga benefits

In Yoga Burn, as it is becoming more popularly known, the postures (asanas) affect joints, glands, nerves, internal organs and bones as well as muscles. The positions are not held for as long as in other forms of yoga, making it faster, more dynamic and probably more tiring.

Athletes are attracted by its physicality and persevere for the many other benefits that practicing brings.

Frank Bruno recently inquired about one-to-one classes. With Jodie Foster, Warren Beatty and Rob Lowe among its practitioners, Yoga Burn is spurring the revived interest.

Following almost 20 years of stagnation, teachers in Europe estimate participation to be rising by up to 20 percent a year, especially in Britain, where there are about 250,000 regular students, as well as France, Germany and The Netherlands.

Teachers believe that as a new generation grows tired of the fast and furious fitness fads of the past decade with their short-term benefits, they will turn increasingly to yoga.

“Physical yoga fills a mental and physical gap in people’s lives,” says Paul Laurenson. “It is the most complete form of exercise. I think its time has come.”

By practicing from ten to twenty minutes, five times a week, the body is quickly conditioned to overcome its habitual tightness and become flexible. Almost all of those in the class I attend could make their nose touch their knees without bending their legs.

yoga strength

But this is not a precondition to start. There are forms to suit every age, level of fitness and physical ability. Unlike aerobics or running, pregnant women can do it until the day they give birth.

The most commonly used forms in Europe and the US focus on the physical, but there are other types, such as iyengar, which is more static and concentrates on bodily alignment, or sivananda, which uses meditation.

There is also evidence to suggest that when adapted, yoga can help relieve modern ills such as back pain and stress. Dr Robin Munro, a former research biochemist, founded the Yoga Biomedical Trust in 1983 in Cambridge to explore the healing nature of the practice after it cured his asthma. Studies in the US and India prove it can help ease diabetes, lower blood pressure, aid digestion and even slow ageing.

Yoga is also used to treat sports injuries and, as psychology and stretching play an ever-larger part in elite training, research is being conducted into how it can benefit the performance of top athletes.

Martina Navratilova is said to have used some techniques to keep her in peak fitness during her Wimbledon days, and Dr Lynn Fitzgerald, a reader in sports science at Brunel University and former competitive long distance runner, says she could not have set her 100-mile records without practicing iyengar yoga.

Having heard the evidence and now fully recovered from the initiation into yoga I am ready to return. If it feels this good after one class, what about after a lifetime

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