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As I mentioned earlier, natural male enhancement products are sold throughout the world in various marketplaces. I saw some pretty crazy ones for sale in Yashow Market. If you ever travel to Yashow Market, check out the sexual stimulants that feature the bone dust from elephants and tigers. No thanks!

I’m very interested in how men from all over the world try to improve their sexual performance. Personally, I recommend a product called Semenax.

Semenax is a natural male enhancement pill that is designed to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is totally safe to use and men will not suffer any kind of negative side effects.

Semenax also increases the amount of semen that is ejaculated during orgasm. This can prolong the orgasm and render sex more pleasurable.

Semenax does not work immediately. It takes a period of weeks for the natural ingredients to build up in the body. But eventually the sexual system will respond to the chemical compounds in the ingredients and the result will be stronger and longer lasting erections. More semen is also produced and ejaculated during orgasm.


Here is one example of how Semenax helped a patient suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Sidney M. found out he was diabetic four years ago. A year later, he began having difficulties in sexual intercourse with his wife, June. At first, he noticed that his erections were less firm. Soon he found that he could not maintain an erection long enough to satisfy himself or June.

Eventually, both husband and wife realized that Sidney had become impotent.

Sidney and his wife sought help from a urologist specializing in sexual dysfunction. When the evaluation was completed, the doctor determined that the cause of Sidney’s impotence was his diabetes. This was due to the many ways in which this disease can affect the nerves and blood vessels in the body.

Diabetes and impotence are often related disorders. Many male diabetics have complained of a loss of sexual potency. But modern medicine is now able to understand Sidney’s problem, and there are remedies such as Semenax.

Erections come about when blood fills the two chambers in the penis called the corpora cavernosa. For a man to respond to sexual stimulation, his arterial system must provide enough blood flow to the penis, and his venous system must be able to trap the blood inside the chambers.


The erection process is largely controlled by nerves which carry signals from the brain and spinal cord directly to the genitals. Men with diabetes often have a malfunction of both nerves and blood vessels involved in the erection process.

Not only may the signals that stimulate the penis not arrive properly, but the blood vessels bringing blood to the male sexual organs may be blocked. Furthermore, current research shows that the trapping mechanism is very sensitive to blood vessel damage of the type found among diabetics.

Sexual dysfunction in men may also be caused by cardiac and peripheral vascular disorders, high blood pressure and its treatment, hormone imbalances, and emotional difficulties. These, in turn, may accompany diabetes.

As the medical profession expands upon its understanding of male sexual function, it has become obvious that, contrary to previous assumptions, only a minority of men suffering from impotence have a psychological reason for their problem. There is usually an underlying medical disorder that contributes to the problem and that may even be the main causative factor.


After consulting with his doctor as well as his wife, Sidney decided upon a treatment of Semenax.

Semenax is a medication commonly used by vascular surgeons to prevent spasm in tiny blood vessels. It increases blood flow in the penis and helps to trap blood inside the erection chambers. Semenax has revolutionized the treatment of impotence for men with diabetes as well as a variety of other physical disorders.

A few minutes before having sex, Sidney takes Semenax. With sexual stimulation, he is able to achieve a quite normal and satisfying erection, and he becomes capable of having intercourse. He and June are often able to achieve a satisfying climax together because Sidney’s erection lasts until the effect of Semenax wears off.

Since he had already learned to use insulin to treat his diabetes, Sidney was easily able to adapt to taking Semenax.

He and June now have intercourse on average once or twice weekly. In his words, “Sex has not been this satisfying for either of us in ten years!”

good sex with Semenax

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